Experiencing God has ratings and reviews. “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby and Claude King (and now also Richard Blackaby) seems to be . Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Revised and Expanded ( ) by Henry T. Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, Claude King. For more than 15 years, God has used Experiencing God in His work, Doing the Will of God, Member Book, Updated () by Henry T. Blackaby, .

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The book discusses different ways that God can speak to his people and how each of us can experience Him as couples, in our children’s lives, in the church, marketplace, and His kingdom.

They hear His instructions just fine. This is not what Jesus has in mind here, though. If you are struggling with your committment, i still recommend it, but you will be faced abbruptly with “His Will”. We have a large class and our facilitator had us to volunteer to cover one chapter each.

These examples naturally led me to ask is this how God speaks to everybody?

The shepherd and the sheep know each other In this statement in John, Jesus is grounding His authority to render judgment, a function of his Messianic role, not His humanity.

Of first importance, we should nurture the love relationship with God for which we were created 30, Instead, the Scripture gives page after page of assignments.

What about God speaking to people in the everyday, in our communities, in things that are not “full-time ministry. How can God be present in experiehcing day to day life?

Feb 20, Christen rated it liked it. For example the very thesis verse is taken out of context and thus flawed. Being a Christian is no easy walk. To challenge it is akin to spiritual treason. In one part, they shared the miraculous healing of henrt daughter from cancer. Granted, sometimes gifts are used more than once, such as Joseph interpreting dreams. This workbook right epxeriencing is one of the most life-changing experiences of my young adult life so far.


The Imitation of Christ? He has proceeded forth from the Father v.

The events represent a very small amount of activity considering the 30 year time span and the aggressive spiritual activity of Acts. However, the majority of it I did. As might be imagined, I am somewhat ambivalent to the authors’ approach, not least because the authors seem to be Calvinist in their approach, caught in a tension between emphasizing God’s initiative in calling people and the way that we should be rather than do and a need to emphasize obedience to God and action conducted in faith, something the authors fail to explain as deeply as they wish.

The correct answer is no because Jesus was not only the perfect man and humble servant, but also the Messiah and incarnate Son henr God. According to the Bibledoes experiencing God’s work in our lives depend on receiving personalized assignments from Him?

They are the kind many would think require a word from the Lord. I am showing what seems to be the pattern of Scripture, especially in the New Testament, which is the most reliable guide for the church today. It is perilous to construct doctrine from historical material alone. I stepped out in faith, and I have the same fundamental experiences when bllackaby to face with God in my life with Experiencinb Paul and Barnabas are sent out by the Holy Spirit on their first missionary journey Despite this, my thoughts on the book are mixed.

You will find nothing but silence. The question at hand is how Christians are to understand the concept of hearing from God, regardless of their gifts. Later in the Gospel of John we find another. As someone once said, however, the devil is in the details.


Paul chastises the Corinthians for not working out their own legal differences 1 Cor. I think the latter. This study really opened my eyes to what the Lord desires from me. That’s all that matters. No information is communicated directly. To Jesus, hearing God is not a skill to be developed.

Second, we must live according to that blaciaby active faith. Experiencing God is considered a modern Christian classic.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook by Henry T. Blackaby

This is not to say that it is without value. He invites us to carefully evaluate our relationship with God to make sure it is real, personal, and practical, as God intends Unfortunately, the last few weeks lost me, but the rest were pretty amazing.

His comment refers to the quote from John 5: The Bible answers “no. I have addressed only a few of the serious problems with this blackwby. One is a prophecy. In this way God reveals His purposes, His assignment to us so we can then be involved in His work.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook

Even someone who has a loyalty to truth can still undermine truth. Rather, each was the result of a experieencing decision by the disciples using wisdom to respond to the circumstances confronting them. Jun 15, Emily rated it really liked it. Books by Henry T.